Call of Duty Black Ops Patch (update 5 e 6)

A way to get updates for Call of Duty Black Ops so you can better enjoy your game

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    (update 5 e 6)

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Call of Duty Black Ops Patch is a free patch designed for the popular action game that you can play on your computer. This patch both fixes some bugs and provides some extra features for your game.

It's almost impossible to think about war and battle games without thinking about the Call of Duty franchise. The developers of this game now offer several titles that take place during World War II and other eras, including some that let you fight against zombies. Fans of more modern fighting will prefer Black Ops and other titles that take place in the current day.

Anytime you play a game on your PC, you might come across a few glitches. Those bugs can make your character spawn in a bad location such as stuck between walls or make bullets wound or kill you when they don't actually touch your character. This patch came from developers who took the comments from players and spent some time looking for ways to fix those glitches.

To add this patch, you just need to download it and have a valid version of Call of Duty Black Ops on your computer. Once you double click on the patch, a new window will pop up that shows you this includes both the fifth and sixth updates for the game. You just click on the next button to start the install process. It usually only takes a few minutes.

Unlike other patches that just fix bugs, this one gives you a few more weapons and adds more features to your game. The patch actually improves both the balance and the accuracy of your existing weapons. When you fire any gun in the game, it will react the same way a real gun does and will do the same type of damage. It adds new sights and other features that make moving through the game as a sniper much easier too. You can now line up your shots faster and take down multiple enemies with a single shot.

Thanks to Ninja Pro, you'll no longer have any problems getting into and out of tight spaces either. This new feature lets you move much quieter, which can help you get around enemies without them seeing and attacking you. Ninja Pro is a feature that works especially well when you tackle some of the in-game challenges.

While you can play Black Ops without this patch, it will definitely change the way you play. This patch improves your overall gameplay and adds some great new features.


  • Makes the gameplay a little more realistic
  • Gives you more maps to use in the game
  • Provides you with some new weapons and some solid information about older weapons
  • Fixes some of the common glitches reported by players


  • Makes some less pleasing changes to private games
  • Some weapons do not work as well as they should
  • The balance of certain weapons is a little off

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